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Med Assistant

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Med Assistant

Med Assistant is our Hospital Management system diligently crafted to enable the smooth running of your hospital/clinic as well as provide additional benefits like Prudent Financial Management services, faster billing and payment process and Drug/Inventory Management among others. Med Assistant is very easy to understand and use because we took into consideration – the time sensitivity of medical emergencies and  need for swift and easy access to all medical and managerial information to enable optimization. Med Assistant is a web-based software that can work in Computers and Tablets both locally and remotely.

Its features incudes:

  1. Reception (Front desk): This module aids the management of patients’ registration, Surgery Bookings, appointment making and even in some cases payment intake.
  2. NHIS:
  3. Nurse: This Feature aids the intake of patients’ vitals to add to the patients record and case note for the doctor to see in this page includes the pulse rate, blood pressure, diastolic, the weight and height which automatically calculates the patients BMI ratio, etc. This feature aids the procession of admission request from the doctor and also give easy communication on patients’ health depreciation or improvement.
  4. Doctors: This feature aids the easy access of patient that are being placed on appointment from the front desk by the doctor and at such makes it easy for him to attend to each one according to the list on the calendar carrying out his/her investigation on the patient like taking complains, carrying out observation and examination and then request for test to be done by that patient in the lab and also prescribe drugs for the patient to take or may even request for injection or admission depending on the test results from the lab and at such requires thorough investigation to be carried out by the nurses for in-patients.
  5. Account: This feature acts as a company bank which aids the generation of financial report/summary of all transaction carried out in the firm. Its functions are,
  • Monthly financial summary: This feature aids the generation of the financial summary of a company monthly showing is pending transaction, the total o be expected from all transaction being made and the monthly income and at such showing how much revenue you’re making on each transaction in each month.
  • Billing: This feature gives a detailed history of transaction carried out showing the ones that had being waved or deferred and even company billing transactions. It also indicates the patients record showing everything to be paid for and its sum total.
  • Daily Expenses: This features aids the management of money in a firm. It gives a description of what the money is being requested for, the one requesting and approving it, the amount requested for, the date it was requested for and the response by the one approving it.
  • Report Printing: This feature helps to generate financial reports either minimal, semi or full reports of all payments made either pending, part, waved, deferred and even company bills.
  • Companies: This feature gives a detailed history of all companies registered, their different percentage on charges to be given and the number of staff registered in each company. It also gives the opportunity to add more company and even edit their percentage charge should incase of changes from the company in order for easy processing of bills for each company monthly, annually and even yearly.
  1. Laboratory: This feature aids the easy access of test request either from the doctor or he front desk and at such carry out such test and result are being sent electronically to the doctor or the front desk. It also has the ability to create and print custom result for referred patients for easy explanation of test result to other people.
  2. Pharmacy: This feature aids the easy procession of prescribed drugs by the doctor and creates room for stock (drug) update. It also creates easy access to the warehouse for request of drugs.
  3. Radiology:
  4. Physiotherapy:
  5. Warehouse: This feature carries out the activities of a store room where drugs are being stored in bulk and are also requested for from the pharmacy. It has other sub-features like;
  • Pharmacy Request: This feature helps the warehouse personnel to see request being made for drugs by the pharmacist.
  • Approved Request: This sub-feature aids the approval of drugs by the warehouse personnel before such drug can be issued to the pharmacist.
  • Returns Inward: This sub-feature aids the easy movement of drugs or medical items back into the warehouse from the pharmacy due to distaste by the patient or complains or due to expiration date.
  • Warehouse Stock: This sub-feature contains all of the stocks (Drugs) the hospital has from which other unit are able to request for.
  1. Manage Staff: This feature aids the generation and safe keeping of personal information of all the staff in the hospital and also helps to create their own login details for security purposes and for easy trace of fault at any point it can only be accessed by the manager or the super admin.

October 23, 2015


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