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Hitla 4.0 – Retail Management System

Hitla 4.0 – Retail Management System


Hitla 4.0 – Retail Management System by Greenhouse Multimedia
designed to overcome today’s challenges


1. Manages all sales and stock.

2. Generates and manages reports.

3. Laptop is not compulsory as it is designed to work effectively in Mobile Phones and Tablets also.

4. Poor Power supply is no longer an issue since it can work in tablets and Phones.

5. No need for Servers as Hitla 4.0 is cloud base.

6. It can work without the Internet and synchronize sales to the cloud whenever the internet becomes available.

7. You can access Hitla 4.0 and monitor sales and stock from any location in the world using your mobile phone.

8. No need for a barcode scanner when using tablets or Phones as the device camera will work as your barcode scanner.

9. You can print or send e-receipts.

10. Very affordable for any size of business.



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June 25, 2024


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