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MedAssistant – Hospital Management System

Med Assistant is our Hospital Management system diligently crafted to enable the smooth running of your hospital/clinic as well as provide additional benefits like Prudent Financial Management services, faster billing and payment process and Drug/Inventory Management among others.

Med Assistant is very easy to understand and use because we took into consideration – the time sensitivity of medical emergencies and need for swift and easy access to all medical and managerial information to enable optimization.

Med Assistant is a web-based software that can work in Computers and Tablets both locally and remotely.



Different users within the hospital are given matching privileges with their line of work to regulate who can see what in the Hospital Management System.




Med Assistant has a very robust account Module which does the following

  1. Manages the payment history/status of all patients registered in the Hospital, from where receipt can be printed after every payment
  2. Automated/Manual in-patient bill generator, managing deposit, bills and discount

iii. Automatic compilation of reports for list of drugs and list of materials (non- consumables)

  1. Direct Revenue and other income management.
  2. Automated General Ledger
  3. All manners of Financial reports and summary

vii. Management of registered companies invoicing and pricing.

viii. Tax, Payroll and Charges management

  1. Profit and Loss statement and statement of Financial Position.



We have a module that manages everything about HMOs from all the Lab tests and Drug price of each HMO, managing unlimited numbers of these HMOs, in this module you can also print automatically generated claim forms for each patient of each HMO showing details of all the enrollee’s visit and every service/drug administered.



Med Assistant has a Record Module that handles the following;

  1. Management of registered Patient’s records
  2. Electronic Registration of New Patients

iii. Appointment and Queue Management

  1. Cards Management
  2. Registered Families management



Our Nurses Module manages input of vital signs details which is sent to the case note of the Patient already sent to the Doctor’s Computer. It also does the following

  1. Admission (In-patient) management and records starting with the admission request from the Doctor.
  2. Handles periodic record of patients’ chart, Medication and Input/output fluid management.

iii. Manages Nurses handover notes for each admitted Patient.

  1. Manages Injection chart for patients
  2. Handles Surgery pre-check list
  3. Manages Antenatal and Delivery



Our doctors’ Module has a calendar for easy management of Patient’s appointments and for easy access to case notes as well as

  1. A compilation of all case notes from all the previous visits which are accessible by a single click.
  2. Quick clicks to access Lab test, X-ray and Scan results.

iii. Case note where documents can be attached.

  1. A case note showing all basic details of the patient including vitals and prescription history.
  2. Quick tabs to request for admission, injection, Lab test, x-ray, scans, prescription and surgery.
  3. A print button to print and file case note for physical filing if needed.

vii. In-Patient Module with Progress note for Ward-round use.

viii. Instant view of Observation, Medication and Fluid management as recorded by Nurse.

  1. Antenatal Record Management.



Our Med Assistant comes with a Laboratory Module where Lab personnel can get lab request from Doctors and then fill in the test result which instantly becomes available on the Doctor’s computer.

In this module previously done Lab test can also be recalled, viewed and printed.

It also handles management of all Lab test done in the Hospital up to price management and result template settings.



In the Pharmacy module in Med Assistant,

  1. All Pharmacy stock are properly managed
  2. Prescriptions are received instantly from doctors (also sends to accounts for payment) which when processed subtracts from the stock.

iii. Return inwards – In the event that processed prescriptions are returned this feature returns it back to the stock while subtracting the cost from payments in accounts.

  1. Pharmacy store can also be contacted and new stock supply requested electronically from store.
  2. Damaged/Expired: whenever any drug is removed from the Pharmacy because it’s expired or damaged this feature subtracts it from the pharmacy stock while filing a details report about the incident.
  3. Daily report: This is where you can also get a detailed periodic report of all processed prescriptions.



This Module manages where the Pharmacy gets supplies from, this is also where drugs enter the Hospital from

  1. Generation of Invoice from supplies for suppliers
  2. Management of Warehouse stock

iii. Management, approval and supply of request from Pharmacy

  1. Pop up notification of near expiration of stock and low stock
  2. Management of Suppliers and invoices.



This Module manages everything about Scans and X-rays, form the prices to doctors’ request to management of results and reports, categories etc.



This is where Doctor’s request for Physiotherapy is received, and managed, in this module Therapy plans are also drawn and managed.



  1. Flexibility – Med Assistant can be tailored to meet your hospital specific needs and protocols to ensure optimization in task performance.
  2. Automated Reports – Med Assistant generates reports from different modules which can be printed or stored in electronically.
  3. Regular Backup and Restore – Part of our Maintenance services includes regular backup of records on the software which will easily be restored in the case of hardware loss or damage.
  4. Notifications: Any time a patient is put on appointment to see the doctor, lab scientist, physiotherapist or pharmacist they get a notification with a tone to tell them the patient coming and the purpose.
  5. Free One Week Guidance: after successful completion of implementation, we will be around for a week to provide support for users.
  6. Free maintenance for First three months: For the first three months after implementation we provide free maintenance services for our clients.
  7. Very Easy to learn how to use with straightforward interfaces.
  8. Least effort from human required for processes.
  9. Efficient and Effortless Record Keeping and accountability.
  10. Could be used offline (without internet).
  11. Depending on your package, Your management could get regular mails updating them on accounts and major activities.
  12. Instant Information retrieval.
  13. Could also be used in tablet devices by Doctors and Nurses during Ward visits
  14. Easy assessment of all activities in the hospital by your management.
  15. Easy and prompt information sharing between concerned healthcare workers in different departments.

April 23, 2018


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